How Much Do Movers Cost?

Would you agree that cost of the move is the largest factor in choosing a moving company?

But should it be?

What if I were to tell you that choosing a mover because of cost is the most dangerous decision you could make?

It’s not the most dangerous decision. But it could be if you don’t know the finer points of how movers charge.

In this tutorial I will explain to you how movers charge and what are the hidden costs.

You should come away after reading this with a decent knowledge as to ask the pertinent questions.

How much do movers cost?

To answer the question of “How much do movers charge?” we have to know that there are four types of moves.

And each one of them will charge differently.

The moves are:

  1. Local moves
  2. Long distance moves
  3. Out of state moves
  4. Commercial moves

Moving companies charge according to their tariff (a fancy word meaning “price list”). Or by the hour if it is a local move.

There are varieties of charges depending on the type of your move.

This is just an overview of the charges. You’ll need to contact potential moving companies for their actual costs.

Asking, “How much do movers cost?” is a vague question. Because the cost of your move will differ depending on the type.

Especially for out of state and long distance moves. Local moves are straight forward as they’re charged hourly.

Long distance moves are 30+,40+ or 50+ miles – depending on state.

Commercial moves price like residential moves. But not always.

Tip: Hiring movers because they charge less can cost you a lot in long run. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Hiring movers from Craigslist.

There is nothing wrong with hiring Craigslist movers. There are some great movers that use Craigslist.

Many newer movers with limited budgets use Craigslist. I did when I started out.

It doesn’t make them bad movers. Just do your due diligence. that has a lot of great information. Teaching you on how to hire reputable movers from Craigslist.

It’s well worth the read.

How much does local moving cost?

A local move is usually defined by how far you are moving.

If you move less than 40 miles it’s considered a local move. (Some states have a different radius.)

A local move is less expensive than a long distance or commercial moves.

Local movers charge an hourly rate.

But some may charge a flat rate depending on the different sizes of home or office you have.

I have found that most flat-rate movers are not legal movers.

Licensed and insured movers charge between $75 to $120/hr for a 2 man crew with truck.

Some will have higher weekend and holiday rates.

Movers that charge less than $75/hr aren’t normally licensed and insured. You want to be leery of these movers.

The movers that charge less than $75/hr are found advertising on Craigslist.

I have not found rogue movers spending money to advertise.

More charges may apply.

Extra charges may be:

  • Packing and materials
  • Long carry
  • Oversized item
  • Stairs
  • Heavy items

Just ask your mover about extra fees.

Less reputable movers fail to inform about extra fees. They hide it in the small fine print of the contract.

Be sure to read the Bill of Lading (contract agreement) and ask the mover about extra fees before you sign. This is paramount.

How much does it cost to move a 1 bedroom apartment?

To answer your question can be difficult. The better question is how long does it take to move a 1 bedroom apartment locally or long distance.

Once you have the mover’s hourly rate it will be easy to calculate how much it will cost you to move a 1 br apt.

To move long distance the price will based on weight and mileage. Van line moving companies will charge less than dedicated services like U-me.

Long distance rates will be regulated by a tariff which is a fancy word that means rates. It’s like a menu of rates that movers will charge.

To move a one bedroom apt should only take on average about 2 to 3 hours. Realize that different cities could make that a longer move like New York or Chicago, where the buildings are narrow and the traffic clogged.

How much does it cost to move a 2 bedroom apartment.

Ever wondered how much do movers cost to move a 2 bedroom apartment?  Of course you have…that’s why you are watching this video LOL.

In this quick  video I explain what the average cost of moving a 2 bedroom apartment is.

I also detail how to determine this figure for yourself. Just in case you have more or less than the average bear (Yogi Bear joke just in case you may have missed it.)

I’d love to hear how much your 2 bedroom move cost.

Also if you have moving questions I’d love to answer them. Ask your question in the comments section below and I’ll be glad to answer them to the best of my ability.

How Much Does Long Distance Moving Cost?

Have you wondered how much do long distance movers cost?

Well you would if you are moving a long distance or out of state.

Long distance moving charged by weight and mileage. You can find movers that will charge you a flat rate. These movers are you pack type of movers or rogue movers (which are in fact illegal movers.)

I have estimated moves to Los Angeles to be over $25,000 due to their high weight.

But a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment move could get away with just a couple of thousand dollars depending on it’s weight.

It’s hard to say how much your move will be exactly with out knowing how much your stuff weighs. Or how far you are traveling.

That said, you could use PODs or ABF which are more of a DIY kind of move. Or you could hire some schmuck off Craigslist that’ll do it on the cheap.

It all comes down to you.

How Much Does It Cost to Pack?

How much do movers charge to pack?

Based on the moving company, the things you need wrapped and how much you are willing to do for yourself. Packing could be as little as a few $100 or as much as a couple of $1000.

Packing charges consist of materials such as tapes, packing paper and boxes. Plus the labor to pack the boxes. Unpacking will cost a little too.

I have found that movers charge for packing two ways:

  1. Per hour.
  2. Per box packed.

Packing per hour.

Some movers charge packing by the hour which includes all the materials. This was the method that I used when I first began my moving business.

Some states frown on this, so be sure to check your state’s guide lines.

Per box.

The movers that I know charge for packing based on a per box system. They charge for the box and materials then a charge to pack that box.

I have found there is not much difference between per hour and per box cost.

Moving Labor Services:

Another aspect of local moving for many movers is doing what’s called “labor only”.

Labor only moves usually comes into play when you wish to do the move on your own. Also called “do it yourself moving.”

Many customers are think that they can do a move cheaper than having a professional moving company do it. This is often a mistake and wrong.

The intention isn’t going into the pros and cons of DIY moving. But to give you an idea of labor costs to either load or unload your moving truck or trailer.

When you hire a licensed company for labor services their prices are the same as their full rates.

If you are hiring laborers off of Craigslist, or from a moving labor site prices go as low as $40/hr.

Most movers have a minimum and a travel charge so you need to ask about those when getting a quote.

Reducing overall moving costs

Some of you may choose to go with a cheap moving company, but sometimes the final costs may be double because of a moving scam.

You can also consider self moving, but never forget that moving your entire house is not an easy task and you will need help.

Now that you have a better idea of how much moving companies charge get a few estimates and see for yourself. Always keep in mind that moving charges depend on the moving company category, the area you live (of course it’s more expensive to hire New York city movers, than Minneapolis movers), the type of your move – local or cross-country – and your moving requirements. Therefore, when ready to move and hire a moving company consider all the factors and then choose a moving company wisely.

I do believe that this may help in finding out how much do mover cost.

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