Full Service Relocation

There are three different categories on how a mover can charge.

There are three different categories on how a mover can charge.

U-Save Moving and Storage’s success is in no small part due to our full service relocation.

When U-Save Moving and Storage started almost 5 years ago, we decided that we were going to offer the best and most affordable moving services possible. We looked around and found some great companies and asked ourselves, “How can we do what they are doing but do it better and cheaper?” And that has been our guiding goal ever since.

These great companies were for the most part offering full service relocation; meaning that they were providing everything that you need to do a stress-free move, but they were very expensive. One of the companies that we looked at is a very well known name and is franchised across the world. This company wanted to charge $110/hr, and we stated in 2008 we were in the midst of the “Great Recession”, ouch!

So we pondered how we could provide the same level or better service for a cheaper price. We found the answer!

And we have been going gang-busters ever since.

What is Full Service Relocation?

full service relocationFull service relocation is a very simple concept. It means that the mover provides everything needed to get you moved cheaply and quickly with as little stress possible.

The movers will provide the truck (in various sizes), the man power (2,3,4 or more men depending on the job), insurance, tools and dollies and professional moving pads all for a low flat rate or hourly charge depending on the move. Packing and packing service may be included in that package as well if the you don’t wish to pack your own boxes.

Most often though, from our experience, most people pack their own boxes and just want the movers to load, transport, and unload their possessions. And the movers that do this and provide everything needed to do that are full service movers.

There are at least four different ways that movers can provide you full service relocation. Here at U-Save Moving and Storage we provide them all affordably. And the 4 ways are:

  1. Local moving
  2. Long distance moving
  3. State to state moving
  4. Moving labor services

We’ll look at each option separately so you can get a better idea of what this entails.

Local Moving:

If you don’t know what it is meant by “local moving” let me briefly explain: Local moving is moving you or someone from one home or apartment to another home or apartment usually less than 40 miles. For example if you lived in Lansing, MI and you wanted to move to Haslett the mover could be hired to load, transport and unload you into your new place. This move was less than 40 miles so is considered a “local move.”

local moversGet it? Good.

Most full service movers will charge an hourly charge for this move; fewer will charge a flat fee. Almost all have a minimum time requirement.

U-Save Moving and Storage has some of the lowest hourly charges for this full service relocation as compared with other licensed and insured movers.

I would caution you against using unlicensed and uninsured movers under any circumstances. While many of them are good, honest, hard working people, there is just too many inherent risks using these movers to do a move for you. One of the biggest risks is that your possessions can be seized by the police if they stop one of these movers. That is no good for you.

Long Distance Moving:

Where local moving was moving from one home or apartment to another less than 40 miles; long distance moving is moving you 40 or more miles (in some states the legal requirement is 50 or more miles) away normally no more than 500 miles usually in the same state.

Most long distance moving is charged on a flat rate based on weight and miles. We wrote a great article on moving rates which you can see here.

A long distance move for example would be if you lived in Grand Rapids and wanted to move to Detroit. Or another example would be if you lived in Los Angeles and wanted to move to San Francisco. These are examples of long distance moves. While it could include going out of state (especially if you lived one of the smaller states) it is mostly defined as moving 40 or miles in the state you live in.

Again, we here at U-Save Moving and Storage have some of the lowest long distance moving rates for any licensed and insured movers. I know that I can do a long distance move cheaper than most licensed and insured movers.

State to State Moving:

long distance moversVery much like long distance moving, state to state moving involves all the same elements with only one defining difference: It moves you from one state to another.

Now these state to state moves can be less than 500 miles it is always from one state to another. For instance, if you lived in Flint, MI and wanted to move to Toledo, OH. Although it is less than 500 miles (the typical range of a long distance move) it is still from one state to another. Therefore a state to state move.

However, as you can expect, a state to state move can be as drastic as moving from New York to California; or from Michigan to Florida, and so on.

Typically state to state moves charge the same as long distance moves. Just be sure to ask the movers about there additional costs and fees like “storage in-transit” fee or “large item” fee.

Moving Labor Services:

Now most movers don’t consider providing labor only moving help as part of their full service relocation services, but they very much can be.

Penske moving truck rentalsTypically moving help is reserved for those of you that wish to rent your own moving truck and just want help either loading or unloading the truck. Or, it is for you that hire PODS or other storage containers and need them loaded or unloaded.

Sometimes, you want the full service relocation experience without the added expense of the mover bringing their own truck which can, in many instances, lower your costs by $50 to $100 or more.

What I mean is this: You rent the moving truck then you hire moving helpers to come load, sometimes transport (using your moving rental), and unload your possessions into the new home. And here is the amazing part, you can use this method for any of the above moves: Local, long distance or state to state moves.

Most of the time moving companies that do offer moving labor services only provide the moving help; you have to provide the vehicle, blankets, moving pads and tools/dollies. But by combining moving labor services with full service relocation you can sometimes get your cake and eat it too.

To find out if your moving company offers this solution just ask.

WARNING: This may seem the cheapest route but often it is not. Typically you can hire movers to do a full service relocation for you for the same rates as doing it yourself, sometimes they can even do it cheaper. And another drawback to this method is that no moving company will offer you insurance of your possessions if you use this method, so any damage is all on you.


You are in luck!

U-Save Moving and Storage offers you the complete range of full service relocation services described above for far less than most of our licensed and insured competitors!

Give us a call at 517.580.4247 or email us at usavemovingandstorage@gmail.com to get a FREE moving quote, or you can use the easy form at the top right of this page.

And we have 100’s of video reviews proving all of these claims and more for you to see freely. There is no mover with as many video reviews as us. NONE! We have been in business for 5 years through the hardest economy since the Great Depression and we have thrived because we have always provided the best service possible at the lowest costs possible.

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Thank you for reading. Share the love if you can.

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