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Online Moving Reviews – Why you Shouldn’t Trust Everything You See on the Internet

Moving company ratings must be viewed and taken with a bit of salt, much like those of restaurant and coffee shop reviews, you never know whether to trust them or not, so we offer a few helpful options on determining

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Where Did You Move This Year?

Are you going be moving state to state? Here are the biggest trends of where you’ll either be to or from with state-to-state moving. Check it out here.

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Bill of Lading: What the Hell is it?

Bill Of Lading As a consumer, you should be aware that your Bill of Lading functions as the actual contract between you and your moving company. Recently, numerous problems have been showing up on BOLs distributed by rogue interstate moving

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Factors Affecting Moving Costs

The cost of a move depends on factors including service level, amount of things to be moved, and more, reports U-Save Moving and Storage. Those who are planning on a move often wonder what it will cost to get the

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What you need to know before you Move to the Country

At first glance, the thought of moving from the hustling pace of urban life into a quieter, rural location may seem to be a romantic idea. There may be much truth in the idea of escaping from the noise, the

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What to Do if Your Moving Company Damages Something

Moving can be a hassle on its own, but finding out that some of your belongings have been damaged is the last thing you want to hear. As the owner of the property, you’re entitled to reimbursement from the moving

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Moving To Detroit This Summer

Batman is coming to Detroit this summer! If you don’t know Ben Affleck will be playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Superman sequel which many in the comic book industry have called the Justice League movie. And it seems that

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Two Men and a Truck explains how ObamaCare will hurt its growth

Here is an article about one of our friends in the moving business. A couple that owns a franchise in North Carolina have gone on record saying that Obamacare may kill their future growth. Image Credit: Two Men and a

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MOVING??? 6 Reasons Why Hiring US Is Better Than Asking Your Friends

6 Reasons to Hire U-Save Moving and Storage: 6) We bring an enclosed truck so you don’t have to hassle with renting or using a friend’s open bed pick-up in bad weather. 5) We are experienced at moving so you

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What NOT To Pack On Moving Day

5 Essentials Not to Pack on a Moving Truck on Moving Day September 10, 2013 by amy.bell Regardless of whether you are hiring out movers or doing the heavy lifting on your own, it’s an inevitable reality of moving day

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