The U-Save Moving and Storage Story:

Let me introduce myself: I am Jae Burnham, owner and operator of U-Save Moving and Storage located in Lansing Michigan.

In 2008 I started with very little and built this company up to the success it is today, and we will be shortly be expanding once again.

I was told by a fellow Michigan moving company owner that I know well, and who had mentored me, that I was the fastest growing Michigan moving company.

Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know, in my opinion, that we have had a lot success very quickly. Of course I contribute this to our high quality, professional stress-free moving services.

Unlike many other movers, we believe that we work for you, and that with you — our customer — we are nothing…It’s all about YOU.

Smelling Like Roses?…

Sometimes it has been hard fought bringing our service to you. There have been struggles…and hardships. We are not perfect and we have screwed up…but we always had your best interest at heart and we did our hardest to make it right.

We have endured other moving companies trying to sabotage us by deleting our ads, or spreading false and harmful lies. We even had one Michigan moving company owner stalk us (he was later arrested and charged with stalking and harassment.)

U-Save Moving And Storage jae burnham

Jae Burnham, the owner of U-Save Moving and Storage, out in front with his truck getting ready for another move on that cold wintery day.

And I personally messed up really bad. I messed up so bad I had lost everything, including this company, and had to restart and rebuild everything from nothing..I mean literally, nothing.

And because of all that I learned. I LEARNED A LOT. I learned how to make this company Bigger. Faster. Better than ever before. I learned that YOU are the most important thing to our company. And I found peace among all the chaos.

Our commitment to you is still our #1 focus. No matter the struggles, the hardships or even the successes we will doing everything we can to make your move as stress-free as possible at the highest quality for the lowest cost while still making a profit.

That sums it up nicely; I hope that you learned a little about me and this company. I always like making new friends, so I invite you to call and just chat if you like.

Thanks my friends.


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